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Happy earth week to the quintessential matriarch!

This list is not an insult to your intelligence, sometimes people just need a place to start, and sometimes the most profound thinkers miss what is most obvious. Here are five simple tips to help those who wish to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

  1. Ditch the plastic bags; instead, bring your own reusable ones. This tip includes plastic produce bags and bags at bulk food stores. Most grocery stores sell reusable grocery and produce bags and bulk stores are generally okay with you bringing your own reusable bags–but I would check with an employee first. You can also use fun reusable bags, or  even make your own.
  2. Buy in bulk. Now, this tip is a bit of a double entendre: shopping from the bulk bins–especially if you are using your own reusable bag–reduces packaging waste, and buying in bulk, as in large quantities–only if it’s an item you know you will use lots of, otherwise bulk buying only creates more waste–reduces the waste caused by individual or smaller packages.
  3. B.Y.O.C. (Bring your own [reusable] containers) when you go for coffee or eat out, etc. Once again, it reduces the waste caused by disposable cups and take-out containers. 
  4. Do you have legitimate need for a car? Some people’s lifestyles necessitate the use of a car–be it for business, parenting, etc–other’s don’t. If you don’t need a car then don’t drive one; you can cycle, walk, or take public transit instead. 
  5. Make a list when you go shopping, that way you don’t end up buying more than you will use and nothing will go to waste.
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